Live streaming has turned the home into a digital platform. Open 24/7 for the nonseasonal internet, a broadcaster’s home, interior life, and body have evolved into an interactive display that plays host to strangers — both human and machine — to author their own version of reality upon it.

Live-ish presents Episode 6, Working From Home, a collection of human and machine authored live streams for the supervised-televised-domesticized laborer. Collapsing multiple streams onto one another, the on-camera show is a competitive-esporting-catastrophe that runs on jus on just mere presence — a human or object (it’ll take what it can get, hell even a circle will do). Launch Working From Home and host everyone’s favorite work like, sports, eating, cars, sleeping, and more!

Stream Guide:
Episode 6 by: Jenny Rodenhouse. Featuring work by: Matt Adams, Amor Bizzarro, David J. Chan, Maxwell Chen, Adit Dhanushkodi, Anthony Espino, Cyrus Ghahremani, Ben Hooker, Sizhe Huang, Keda Jiang, Nanyi Jiang, Miranda Jin, Lizzie Klein, Keisuke Kuniyoshi, Soo Jin Lee, Jarret Lin, Ziru Ling, Susie Moon, Jenny Rodenhouse, Siladityaa Sharma, Tongxin Sun, Jingyi Wang, Nicole Wang

The World Federation of Sphere Detection Sports (WFSDS)

Public displays of contest, survival, and stamina have been relocated, from arenas to grocery stores. Combining these past and present sites of global competition, The World Federation of Sphere Detection Sports (brought to you by The Sphere Detection Network) shifts our focus from plastic balls to edible spheres using circle recognition technology to generate a virtual sport.

Combining all sphere sports to make one bigger and better sport ;) WFSDS triggers digital players to perform prescribed sphere identification behaviors: kick, catch, swing, hit, and chase over scenes of passing produce, paper products, and alcohol. Watch this season and cheer for your favorite purchase when WFSDS launches its live stream over Prisma’s 24/7 grocery store “Belt Cam” in Helsinki. Who is playing who? Who purchased the melon? Who is winning? No one knows. 

By Jenny Rodenhouse
with Keda Jiang & Soo Jin Lee

Simulation, live stream [], and highlight video
Exhibited at: Dutch Design Festival 10.17.20-10.25.20 / Ars Electronica .ART Gallery 9.9.20-9.23.20 / DDDD Gallery 7.7.20-8.8.20
Featuring broadcast by: Prisma, “The Belt 24/7”, Helsinki Finland
Circle Detection by: OpenCV
Best Sphere Sport Commentary Compilation by: Soon Jin Lee & Jenny Rodenhouse, featuring music from “Jock Jams Volume 1”
Thank you to: Anthony Espino, Sizhe Huang, Keda Jiang, Nanyi Jiang, Soo Jin Lee, Ziru Ling, Siladityaa Sharma, Jingyi Wang
Support from: Media Design Practices ArtCenter College of Design, & Snap Inc, Research

Live Stream Replay

EP 4 MACHINED INFLUENCERS: Virtual avatars, designed based on social media analytics, are now hired as brand influencers and political surrogates. Pop stars and their tracks can now be algorithmically manufactured from an executive's office. Machined Influencers seeks to critically examine the historical and future role of these cultural shapers, both real and imagined, from youtube stars to Washington DC. Through the lens of machine learning, AI behaviors, and interactive systems, Machined seeks to expose and respond to our shared social, affective and political climate by proposing a new crop of influencers that can spike the wheel of the habitual; making us reconsider how we reach, touch and consume each other and the world. What can be learned from current influencer platforms and their partners when it comes to agitating beliefs, desires, fears, ideals? What positions are assumed in response? How do screens mirror, affirm or disavow communities, borders, worlds?